Electoral Administration Briefing 2017: Learning Lessons from the General Election & Next Steps

Confirmed speakers:

  • Phil Thompson, Head of Research, Electoral Commission
  • Dave Smith, Policy Spokesperson on Elections and Democratic Renewal, Solace; Chief Executive, Sunderland City Council
  • Janie Berry, Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer, Derby City Council
  • Hugh Peart, Director of Legal & Governance Services, London Borough of Harrow
  • Neil Ashton, Detective Chief Inspector, Lancashire Police
  • Professor Oliver Heath, Professor in Politics, Democracy and Elections Centre, Royal Holloway University of London (event chair)


The field of electoral administration has gained increased prominence over recent years, particularly after the controversy surrounding the 2014 local elections in Tower Hamlets. The 2017 General Election was marked by criticism of the handling of parliamentary elections in a number of local areas, including the administration of postal votes and voting at polling stations.

As the Government looks to implement reforms proposed by Sir Eric Pickles in his August 2016 review, preparations for the 2018 local elections will focus on administering the trial of requiring voters to show identification at polling stations.

Join Westminster Briefing on 7th September to look the latest developments impacting electoral administration, learn the lessons from previous elections and prepare for the future.

Key Issues to be Addressed Include:

  • Observable trends and changes from recent elections
  • How electoral administrators should respond to these changes and what they should do differently next time
  • Preparing for future elections
  • Up-to-date guidance for electoral administrators
  • Policy initiatives impacting upcoming elections
  • Preventing fraudulent registrations
  • Good practice in tackling postal and proxy vote fraud
  • Addressing unwanted behaviour in and around polling stations and at election counts
  • Effective cooperation between local authorities and police
  • Engaging the local community to encourage greater understanding & reporting of electoral fraud

The Event:

The morning session will identify the lessons that can be learned by electoral administrators from recent elections, including the 2017 General Election. It will also prepare the ground for future elections by looking at changes due to be implemented in the 2018 local elections as well as guidance for Electoral Registration Officers.

The afternoon session will examine best practice for tackling electoral fraud, covering electoral registration, postal and proxy voting and the role of local authorities, the police and community.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in electoral administration and tackling electoral fraud, including Heads of Electoral Services, Electoral Services Managers, Heads of Governance and Democratic Services, Returning Officers and Heads of Electoral Administration.

For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com | 0207 593 5657

To discuss event sponsorship, speaking opportunities and agenda content, please email: Dominic.Leigh@dodsgroup.com

Thursday 7th September 2017

11.00am - 3.30pm (including networking lunch)

Public Sector | 1 Place: £245 | 2+ Places: £195 each
Private Sector | 1 Place: £295 | 2+ Places: £245 each
Above prices exclude VAT

Background Quote

“The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy. We will legislate to ensure that a form of identification must be presented before voting, to reform postal voting and to improve other aspects of the elections process to ensure that our elections are the most secure in the world.”

- Conservative Party Manifesto, 2017

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