Supporting Employees with Care Responsibilities 2018


The number of employees who are also looking after a friend or relative on-top of their day to day work is increasing. Good employers will recognise the moral & business cases for being more supportive of employees with care responsibilities. Retention, job satisfaction and overall levels of happiness are at risk if something is not done to support those giving care. 

Join Westminster Briefing on 5th September to discover how you can support carers in your workforce, allowing them to fulfil their duty to other people as well as contribute positively to your organisation. 

Key issues to be addressed:

  • Defining the what a carer is and legal obligations to support them
  • The need to be recognised, valued and supported
  • The benefits supporting carers can bring to an organisation
  • Identifying champions and role models 
  • Training and e-learning for managers & staff to be more aware and supportive
  • Creating a climate where it is OK to talk about caring
  • Developing peer support through staff networks
  • Giving employees access to information on where support can be found
  • Considering care responsibilities during recruitment planning
  • Flexible and agile working adjustments to make it easier for carers to work
  • Have a backup plan for emergencies either at home or at work
  • Providing return to work schemes for carers

The Event:

The morning session will provide insight into the needs of carers at work and what obligations employers must follow. It will also look at changing workplace culture to increase the support given to carers.

The afternoon session will focus on effective strategies to recruit, retain and develop staff members who are also care givers, what to do when emergencies occur and providing flexible hours to enable them to remain in work when committed to caring obligations. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in employee support including: Employers; HR officers; trade union & representative groups.

For registration enquiries please contact: | 0207 593 5657

To discuss event sponsorship, speaking opportunities and agenda content, please email:

Wednesday 5th September 2018

11.00am - 3.30pm (including networking lunch)

Taking place in Central London (Zone 1, Venue TBC)

Private Sector | 1 Place:£295 | 2+ Places:£245 each
Public Sector | 1 Place: £245 | 2+ Places:£195 each
Charity Sector 
| 1 Place: £195 | 2+ Places: £145 each
All displayed prices exclude VAT

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